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Question 1:

To whom does the Speaker of Lok Sabha submit his resignation letter?

Question 2:

Who is usually appointed as 'Protem Speaker'?

Question 3:

Who is the first woman Speaker of Lok Sabha?

Question 4:

The seats allotted to Bihar in the Lok Sabha are the sum of the seats allotted to which of the following states?

Question 5:

After how many days of absence from Parliament without permission can an M.P. be disqualified?

Question 6:

Who decides that a bill is a money bill?

Question 7:

How can the President spend the Contingency Fund?

Question 8:

Which of the following Article of Indian Constitution is related to ‘legal parity' i.e. equality before law?

Question 9:

In which year was the United Nations formed?

Question 10:

There is a provision of midday meal under the Directive Principle of State Policy ?