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Question 1:

E is the father of J. J is the sister of O. O is the brother of T. T is the daughter of Y. Z is the sister of Y. D is the son of Z and brother of F. How is E's wife related to F?

Question 2:

Pointing to a portrait of a man, Ravish said, "I am the only child of my parents but that man's father is my father's son". How is the man in the portrait related to Ravish?

Question 3:

Mamata is the mother of Surya. How is Mamata’s brother related to Surya’s brother?

Question 4:

Pointing towards (a male) Amrendra, Sushama, a female, says, “He is the son of the brother of my sister’s father.” How is Sushama related to Amrendra’s paternal grandfather?

Question 5:

Pointing towards a female, Rishu a male says, “ She is the daughter of the father of my sister’s maternal uncle’s brother.” How is the female related to Rishu’s paternal grandfather?

Question 6:

Mahi is the sister in law of Roshni. Manish is the father of Mahi. If Roshni does not have any brother or sister then how is Roshni's husband related to Manish?

Question 7:

Pointing to a photograph a boy said, “ He is the son of only son in law of my sister’s mother’s father. How is the boy related to that person?

Question 8:

Pointing to a women in a photograph, Mayur said, “Her father’s only son is my father”. How is Mayur related to that person?

Question 9:

Pointing towards Rita, Nikhil said, "I am the only son of her mother's son." How is Rita related to Nikhil ?

Question 10:

Pointing to a photograph of a girl, Dev said, “She is my wife’s sister’s mother’s only son’s daughter”. How is Dev’s wife related to that girl's paternal grandfather?