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Question 1:

Pointing to a photograph, Ram said "He is the son of the wife of my mother's husband's brother". How Ram is related to the person in the photograph?

Question 2:

Pointing to a lady in a photograph, Ramesh said, her brother is the father of Mankesh, who is the only son of my grandfather. How is Mankesh related to Ramesh?

Question 3:

Nishant’s mother is sister of Jay and Daughter of Vimal. Jyoti is the daughter of Jay and Sister of Krishna. Find the relation between the Vimal and Nishant?

Question 4:

Manish Said “This girl is the wife of the grandson of my mother then How Manish is related to that girl?

Question 5:

A is the brother of B and C. D is the daughter of E whose wife is C. How is E related to B?

Question 6:

Pointing towards a woman in a photograph Miraj said to his friend, “Her grandmother’s daughter is My grandmother’s grandson’s father’s sister. How is Miraj related to that Woman?

Question 7:

Pointing towards a woman in a photograph Manish said to Jivan, “I am the only son of the Woman in that picture and her daughter is your Aunt” How Jivan’s grandfather is related to Manish?

Question 8:

If A & B means, A is father of B,

A – B means, A is mother of B,

A × B means, A is brother of B,

A ÷ B means, A is sister of B,

A * B means, A is son of B,

A # B means, A is wife of B,

A @ B means, A is husband of B,

Then find which of the given alternative is correct for the given expression [email protected]÷[email protected]÷T×G-M?

Question 9:

$\mathrm{P} \times \mathrm{Q}$ ' means ' $P$ is the wife of $Q$ '. ' $P+Q$ ' means ' $P$ is the father of $Q$ '. ' $P \div$ $Q$ ' means ' $P$ is the daughter of $Q$ '. ' $P-Q$ ' means ' $P$ is the son of $Q$ '. How is E related to I in the expression

$' \mathrm{E} \div \mathrm{F}+\mathrm{G}-\mathrm{H} \div \mathrm{I}^{\prime} ?$

Question 10:

Dheeraj said to Sandeep, “My mother is the only daughter of your mother.” How is Dheeraj’s mother related to Sandeep?