Delhi Police Constable Salary Structure & Job Profile

Updated On : 22 Jun, 2023


Delhi Police Constable Notification 2023 is set to release soon by the Staff Selection Commission for approximately 7547 vacancies of DP Constable (Executive).  Under an agreement between the Delhi Police and the Staff Selection Commission (SSC), the recruitment process for "Constable (Executive) Male and Female" in Delhi Police is conducted by the SSC. The Delhi Police Constable Salary package is one of the main factors that attract a large number of candidates.

A career in law enforcement is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious jobs in our society. Candidates interested in applying for these positions often seek information about the Delhi Police Constable salary and allowances. Read this article carefully to know about the DP Constable Salary structure in detail. 


Because of the lucrative salary and other benefits, lakhs of candidates apply for the Delhi Police Constable job. However, before applying for the job, candidates may want to learn more about the constable job profile, roles, and responsibilities. As a result, the details of the constable's responsibilities are listed in the table below.

  • The duties of a Delhi Police Constable include street patrolling in order to maintain law and order.
  • Register local residents' complaints and take appropriate action.
  • Taking on multiple tasks
  • Assist the Assistant Sub Inspector or Sub Inspector with any investigations.
  • Desk Making daily reports is part of the job.


Candidates benefit from an attractive Delhi Police Constable Salary in addition to respect and job security. Along with a salary of around 5 lakhs per annum as per the 7th Pay Commission, Delhi Police Constables are also entitled to a variety of perks and allowances.

  • Salary-in-Hand for Delhi Police Constable

A Constable of the Delhi Police earns a gross salary of Rs. 40,842. After deducting the amounts to be diverted to the National Pension System, the Central Government Employee Group Insurance Scheme, and the Martyrs Fund, the salary in hand for a constable with the Delhi Police is approximately Rs 37,824.

  • Pay Scale for Delhi Police Constables

The position of Delhi Police constable is one of the ministerial positions. It is classified as Level 4 and Group C. The selected candidates will be paid between Rs 21,700 and Rs 69,100 based on the pay scale associated with the Delhi police constable post.

  • Benefits, Perks and Allowances for Delhi Police Constables

The Delhi Police Constable position is one of the most sought-after jobs for those interested in a career in government due to the lucrative rewards, bonuses, and allowances. The various allowances and their details are as follows:

  • Dearness Allowance

  • House Rent Allowance

  • Travel Allowance


Once a candidate is selected as a Delhi Police Constable, he or she will have numerous opportunities to advance to higher levels. Promotions are carried out at regular intervals. The candidate is promoted to the next level based on the person's career record, behavioural conduct, and work performance during their service period. Promotions are primarily carried out in three ways. The specifics are listed in the table below:

Department Exams

Candidates wishing to advance to the next level should take an inter-departmental exam once a year.


Candidates for Delhi Police Constable can also sit for the SSC CPO exam to be considered for the position of Sub Inspector.

Age-based promotion

  • Candidates with 30 years of service are eligible for the promotion.

  • Candidates may be promoted to Assistant Sub Inspector or Sub Inspector before retiring after 5 years.

The seniority list for promotions is based on the Delhi Police rank hierarchy, which is shown below-

  1. Commissioner

  2. Special Commissioner 

  3. Joint CP

  4. Additional CP

  5. DCP

  6. ACP

  7. Inspector

  8. Sub-Inspector

  9. Assistant Sub Inspector

  10. Head Constable

  11. Constable


Q. How many joint CP are there in Delhi Police?

A. Delhi Police is divided into twelve branches under the Commissioner of Delhi Police or CP. The main four branches, each under a Special Commissioner of Police (Special CP), are Special CP (Administration): The Special CP Administration has three Joint Commissioners of Police under him and two Additional CPs.

Q. What exactly does Constable do?

A. Police Constable is the lowest rank in India's Department of Police. The primary responsibility of the police constable is to carry out the orders of the police station commanders and head constables. They must carry out the duties delegated to them by their superiors.

Q. How long is a Delhi Police Constable's probationary period?

A. For the position of Delhi Police Constable, the probation period is two years.

Q.What is the payscale of a Delhi Police Constable?

A. The salary range for a Delhi Police Constable is between Rs. 21,700 and Rs. 69,100.

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