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We hope you're all doing well in this competitive era as you work towards achieving your goals. If you're preparing for the UPSC EPFO Examination, we have an invitation for you to explore our UPSC EPFO Mock Test. However, before we delve into the details of the mock test, let's make sure you have all the essential information about the UPSC EPFO examination 2023. Here's a concise overview to help you effectively compete with your peers.

What is UPSC EPFO?

The UPSC EPFO exam is a gateway to a world of opportunity, where the Union Public Service Commission selects candidates for the prestigious post of EO/AO in the esteemed EPFO (Employees' Provident Fund Organization). This illustrious examination acts as a magnifying glass, scrutinizing your knowledge and comprehension of all things EPFO – from its multifaceted functions to its intricate rules, regulations, and procedures. 

To be eligible for the UPSC EPFO exam, candidates must hold a bachelor's degree from a recognized university or institute. This exam is highly esteemed in India and attracts a large number of aspirants each year. It provides a prestigious career opportunity in the public sector, offering growth and development prospects. 

The Union Public Service Commission released the UPSC EPFO notification 2023 on February 25, 2023. So here’s the arrival of a golden opportunity – the chance to seize one of the 577 vacant seats reserved for the brilliant minds destined to become Enforcement Officers (EO), Accounts Officers (AO), and Assistant Provident Fund Commissioners (APFC).

So, my eager learners, take a deep breath, gird your loins, and embark on this remarkable journey toward success. Let our UPSC EPFO Mock Test be your guiding star, illuminating the path to triumph in the UPSC EPFO examination of 2023. Together, let's script your destiny!

UPSC EPFO Highlights 

Exam Conducting Body

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)

Exam Name

Employees' Provident Fund Organisation Exam 2023

Name of the Post

  • Enforcement Officer (EO)

  • Accounts Officer (AO) 

  • Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner (APFC)  

Application Dates

25 Feb to 17 March 2023



Selection Process

  • Recruitment Test (RT)

  • Interview

  • Document Verification

  • Medical Examination

Application Mode


Official website

Official Short notice 


Official Notification 

Click Here

Previous Year Question Paper 




Recruitment Test (RT) pattern for the post of Enforcement Officers/Accounts Officers/Assistant Public Provident Commissioner are as follows:-

(i) The test will consist of objective questions with multiple-choice answers.

(ii) All questions will be graded equally.

(iii) The examination will last two hours.

(iv) The test will be administered bilingually i.e. in Hindi and English.

(v) There will be a negative marking for incorrect answers. Every incorrect answer will result in a one-third reduction in the marks assigned to that question. There will be no penalty for a question that has no answer marked.

For the detailed pattern, refer the below-mentioned table:-

Subject No.of Questions Duration 
Part A
General English and Vocabulary202 Hours
Part B
Population, Development, and Globalization100
Constitution of India
Current trends in the Indian Economy
Accounting and Auditing, Industrial Relations, Labor Laws, Insurance
Basic Knowledge of Computer Applications, and General Science
Elementary Mathematics, Statistics, and General Mental Ability
Social Security in India

Weightage Of Exam:-

Recruitment Test300

Note:- Recruitment Test and Interview carrying a weightage of 75:25.

Benefits Of Taking UPSC EPFO Mock Test

We cordially invite you to embark on a transformative journey to elevate your preparation for the UPSC EPFO Examination. Our UPSC EPFO Mock Test Series is the key to unlocking your potential and achieving remarkable success. Discover the benefits that await you:

  1. Structured Preparation: Our UPSC EPFO Mock Test Series 2023 provides a well-organized approach to studying, ensuring a seamless flow in your preparation.

  2. Time Management Mastery: By attempting our mock tests, you will develop effective time management skills, crucial for excelling in the actual exam. These tests simulate real-time conditions, presenting diverse questions from various topics within specific timeframes, enabling you to optimize your efficiency.

  3. Enhanced Scoring: Our UPSC EPFO Online Test Series encompasses questions that closely resemble the actual exam, covering a range of difficulty levels. By engaging with this comprehensive series, you will be well-prepared to tackle any challenge, leading to improved scoring potential.

  4. Effective Revision: Mock tests serve as a valuable tool for revising recently studied topics. They offer clarity on questions across all subjects, fostering better retention and practice. This not only boosts confidence but also enhances overall performance.

  5. Identifying Weaknesses: Our Online UPSC EPFO Test Series is designed to help you identify your weaknesses, allowing you to focus on improving those areas prior to the actual exam. By addressing these weaknesses proactively, you can enhance your chances of success.

  6. Study Plan: Armed with insights gained from mock exams and an understanding of the exam syllabus, you can create a well-defined study plan. Analyzing mistakes and learning from them will refine your strategy, ensuring better performance.

  7. Reinforcement of Knowledge: Mock tests reinforce the knowledge and techniques acquired during your preparation journey. By practicing with our test series, you will solidify your understanding and be better equipped to apply your knowledge during the actual exam.

  8. Accelerated Learning Pace: Competitive exams often come with time constraints and a substantial number of questions. Our mock tests are designed to enhance your speed and accuracy, enabling you to perform at your best under similar conditions.

  9. Real Exam Familiarity: While online resources provide valuable information about the exam format, relying solely on the pattern is insufficient. Our mock tests offer an invaluable opportunity to experience the actual exam environment, increasing your familiarity and confidence for the real test.

Features of our UPSC EPFO Test Series:

  • Our Free UPSC EPFO Test Series is meticulously crafted by experienced professionals who have successfully cleared the UPSC EPFO examination. They possess the expertise to tackle challenging questions within the exam's time constraints.

  • Our Test Series closely mirrors the actual UPSC EPFO examination, encompassing a comprehensive question paper that covers all subjects and sections included in the main exam.

  • The Test Series is accessible on both mobile phones and computers, offering flexibility and convenience to candidates.

  • It is available in both Hindi and English languages, providing solutions and explanations in both languages to cater to diverse needs.

What sets us apart:

  • To ensure the quality of our UPSC EPFO Test Series, we implement a rigorous proofreading process involving three stages, ensuring error-free and top-notch content.

  • Our Test Series is designed as a valuable resource for practice sessions, maximizing the benefit for students.

  • It is aligned with the latest exam pattern and syllabus, ensuring that candidates are well-prepared for the current format of the examination.

  • The Test Series covers previous and important topics that are likely to be included in the exam, enabling students to focus on areas that are frequently emphasized.

How to access our UPSC EPFO Mock Test: 

Exciting news awaits you! Exampur presents an extraordinary opportunity to access UPSC EPFO Online Mock Tests, UPSC EPFO Test Series, UPSC EPFO Sectional Test Series, captivating UPSC EPFO Quizzes, and an array of resources, all completely free of cost. Get ready to elevate your studies to new heights!

Here's how to attempt our UPSC EPFO Test:

  1. Visit the Exampur portal.

  2. On the homepage, you will find the Test Series tab.

  3. Click on the tab and choose "Teaching Exams." The UPSC EPFO exam will appear on the screen.

  4. Click and start your journey of self-introspection by attempting the UPSC EPFO online free test series, evaluating your performance with precision.

Get ready to embrace this incredible opportunity and embark on a fulfilling journey towards success in the UPSC EPFO examination.

Wishing you the very best!

What you'll learn

  • Complete syllabus
  • Important topics
  • Real-time experience to score better
  • Memory based test series of actual exam paper
  • Ace reading skills
  • Identifying the key part of question
  • Tricks for solving questions right away
  • Make time management strategy
  • Last minute preparation strategy
  • Practice more, score more


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