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The Delhi Police Department recruits constables through a sequence of exams, personal interviews, and physical examinations. Annually, a large number of students apply for the Delhi Police Constable recruitment, but only the best candidates are chosen for several vacancies available. Since a maximum number of Candidates appear for the exam every year, it's really a hard nut to crack but nothing is impossible if we have a strong Strategy to tackle the difficulties. 

Always remember you have to stick to the strategy which you create in order to clear the examination as a compass can only suggest a direction to a sailor but a sailor is the only person who is responsible to take his boat in the right direction. Similarly, we can only suggest tic-tacs for achieving your goal but you are the only one who is responsible. So through this article, we are sharing some tips which will assist you during the preparation for Delhi Police Constable Exam:

  1. Be familiar with the exam pattern: One should have a clear understanding of the latest exam pattern as this is the most important step that you shouldn’t skip. So here we are sharing a glimpse of the same:

The Computer-based examination includes an objective paper with multiple choice questions containing 100 questions carrying 100 marks, with the following composition:


Number of Questions 

Maximum marks 

Duration/time allowed


General Knowledge/ Current Affairs



90 minutes 

(1 Hour and 30 mins)





Part -C 

Numerical Ability




Computer Fundamentals, MS Excel, MS Word, Communication, Internet, WWW and Web Browsers etc.



  1. Solve P.Y.Q papers: One should solve at least previous 10 year’s question papers as this will help to understand the difficulty level of the examination. Also, this will help you in introspecting yourself with your weak and strong areas so that you can devote your time accordingly between the weak and the strong sections during preparation. 

  1. Create a timetable: Once you have introspected yourself, make a timetable to focus on each and every topic. The timetable should be divided between your weak and strong topics.

  1. Prepare short and factual notes: For speedy exam revision important notes should be written properly so that they can be revised at the last minute. 

  1. Practise Mock Test: Mock tests should be taken far ahead of time to gain a sense of how effectively you can manage time during an exam and take care of it appropriately. 

  1. Good Sources: Always choose your sources carefully like the books and study materials you are opting for should be good and reliable.

  1. Practise Sectional Test: One should attempt sectional tests in order to ace their weak topics strong and strong topics strongest. It will also help you in revising the topics which you have studied.

Focus on Physical and Mental Health: Don’t be in a rush and take too much stress on the examination. Just be calm while preparing as stress will harm your health and you wouldn’t be able to focus on your study. For this, you can do Yoga and meditation in the morning. 

Eat Healthily, Sleep Healthy is the absolute mantra for this. 

Section-wise Strategy

General Knowledge/ Current Affairs

1. Important topics: Sports, History, Culture, Geography, Indian Economy, General Polity, Indian Constitution, Scientific Research.

2. Candidates are advised to develop a habit of reading the newspaper daily as this subject must be prepared well in advance.

3. Make factual notes to memorise at the last moment. 


1. Important Topics: Analogies, Similarities and Differences, Spatial Visualization, Spatial Orientation, Visual Memory, Discrimination, Observations, Relationship Concepts, Arithmetical Reasons and Figural Classification, Arithmetic Number Series, Non-verbal Series, Coding and Decoding.

2. To avoid confusion and get a clear picture, candidates must use diagrams.

3. Candidates must read the questions carefully while answering them as negative marking will decrease your final score.

Numerical Ability

1. Important Topics: Number Systems, Computation of Whole Numbers, Decimals and Fractions and the relationship between Numbers, Fundamental Arithmetical operations, Percentages, Ratio and Proportion, Averages, Interest, Profit and Loss, Discount, Mensuration, Time and Distance, Ratio and Time, Time and Work.

2. Candidates must learn the formulas at their fingertips.

3. Learn to manage your time during solving the questions.

Computer Fundamentals, MS Excel, MS Word, Communication, Internet, WWW and Web Browsers etc.

1. Important Topics: Basic of Computers, Computer Organization, Generations of computer, Input & Output Device, Shortcuts & Basic knowledge MS word.

2. Candidates are advised to take quizzes in order to fully understand the subjects. Candidates should create a schedule and complete the topics on time.

3. Revision is essential for success; candidates must revise everything they have learnt so for.

Point To Remember

  • Begin your preparations as soon as possible. Don't slack off so that you don't have to hustle to the finish line.

  • Set achievable goals for yourself on a daily basis.

  • Time Management is the key to success as how well you manage your time decides your chances of success.

  • Don’t compare yourself with others.

  • Be focused and don’t be distracted by gadgets.

  • Give yourself a short break in order to refresh your mind.

  • Set Sundays as a test day. 

To Avoid Mistakes During Exam Hall 

While practising Mock tests take care of silly mistakes which are usually done by the students: 

  • Avoid guesswork: Guesswork may lead to incorrect responses and will result in more bad markings. Also, if you are unsure about the proper answer, don't spend too much time on one question and go on to the next.

  • Read a question twice: You must avoid making the error of reading incomplete questions and thereby arriving at an inaccurate answer. Read the questions carefully twice and make sure you understand what's being asked.

  • Avoid applying new tricks: You should avoid new tricks during examinations as this will lead them to be left in doubt.

  • Manage your time wisely: You should start your examination from your strong sections and gradually move towards weak ones. 

For References

1. You will get Mock Test Series and Sectional Test Series on our portal for free.

2. You will get study material like books and Quizzes on our portal to ace your preparation.

3. You will get Delhi Police Constable batch for preparation where our subject matter experts always stand by your side to solve your every doubt. 

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