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Warm Greetings To Everyone,

We @Examपुर are up with good news for those who preparing for the competitive examination and want to build their career in the right direction. So, on the demand of our learners, we present our exclusive batch of English only. And obviously, we don’t have to mention the batch's name here as this batch will be named on your favourite English faculty “English Special By Anil Sir”. 

As you guys were demanding to learn English with Anil Sir to get selected for the examination of SSC, CDS, AFCAT and Haryana/ Madhya Pradesh state examinations. So he is always ready to gear up the strength of their learners.

“Bas ab aapka sath chahiye,

Mera uddeshy Aapka Selection.”

Through this Batch, our teachers will provide lectures for the preparation of SSC ( CGL, CPO, CHSL, MTS, Steno and GD), AFCAT, CDS, MP (Patwari/ Van Rakshak),  HARYANA CET, HARYANA POLICE (CONSTABLE, DURGA SHAKTI & SI), and HARYANA STATE PCS EXAMS. Examपुर is widely recognised for its dedicated professors that always give their all to the students, as you are already aware. Your guardian angel on the journey to passing this exam in this batch will therefore be our faculty.

So are you ready to know more about this batch? Through this article, we are sharing every single detail of the “Anil Special” batch so you can easily understand this batch's features and offers.  Here, we will discuss the following things:-

  • About Anil Special Batch  

  • Details Of  Anil Special

  • Offer Details Of  Anil Special Batch

  • Features of Anil Special Batch

  • Purchase  Anil Special Batch


Enrol in the Anil Special batch if you wish to pass this year's  SSC ( CGL, CPO, CHSL, MTS, Steno and GD), AFCAT, CDS, MP (Patwari/ Van Rakshak),  HARYANA CET, HARYANA POLICE (CONSTABLE, DURGA SHAKTI & SI), and HARYANA STATE PCS EXAMS. Our expert will strengthen your fundamentals. Our study materials are designed to help students of any standard or background understand each question more clearly and, as a result, score higher. They do this by outlining the fundamental ideas of every single topic of English.


Batch name

English Special By Anil Sir 

Batch launch date

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Batch Start date

Monday, December 12, 2022

Anil Special Batch youtube launch event link 

Click Here

Course Validity 

1 Year

Youtube channel

Haryana Exams By Examपुर


Do you want to clear competitive examinations but struggle with English? So Examपुर is up with their English batch at a very affordable price. Also if you purchase this batch now, then you will get an exclusive discount. 



Discounted Price


Coupon Code 


Course Buy Link 

Get "ENGLISH SPECIAL 2022 BY ANIL SIR" Course from Exampur Now


  1. Live Class:- When you purchase this batch, you will have a connection with our best tutor during regularly scheduled online sessions to ask any questions and communicate. If you have any questions or concerns about the teachings, you can discuss them in the comments section or raise your voice in class. There will also be a faculty member available to answer your questions.

  1. Class PDF:- The fact that we will provide you with a Class PDF of the class, which was taught by Anil Sir, is one of the main benefits of purchasing this batch. so that even if you haven't attended any classes, you can still learn that topic by using the provided class/board PDF. Additionally, in order to help you quickly understand the lessons you missed, our teacher will answer any questions you have about those lectures.

  1. PYQ Papers:- By purchasing this batch, you will get the Previous Year's Question Papers (2022, 2021 & 2020) of the aforementioned examinations. Previous Year Question Papers are one of the most important sources to know the difficulty level of the examination.

  1. 20 Mock Tests:- You will get 20 mock tests which are designed on the basis of the exam pattern so that you can be familiar with the exam pattern.

  1. Study Plan:- Self-reflection is well known to be the first step in self-improvement. If you want to be successful, you must concentrate on introspection. Anil Sir will evaluate your level of preparation with your help so that you can create a study schedule indicating the topics and regions that need more attention or time. You can determine which topics require your attention and where you are falling behind with the help of our specialist. He'll organise his classes accordingly.

  1. 1000+ Vocab Mock:- The vocab mock test is truly designed to improve your English vocabulary. Practising through those mock tests will definitely improve your Vocabulary.

  1. 3500+ MCQ:- You will get MCQs on our portal which will be helpful for your preparation. This will be helpful for improving your speed. 

  1. Daily Practice Paper:- After attending the classes, you guys will get a Daily Practice Paper. Through these practice papers, you will be able to introspect yourself on which topic you are lagging behind. Also, you can attempt daily practice tests on our Examपुर portal to improve your preparation. 

  1. Zoom Doubt Session:- It is probable that some pupils will study more slowly than others because every learner develops at their own tempo. We will also have distinct doubts sessions for different courses, guided by our doubt faculty, to address this issue. These educators will use a variety of tactics and justifications to help you minimise the worries you're facing.


Have you read every section of our English Special By Anil Sir 2022 for the aforementioned examination? We hope you are ready to buy this batch by following the steps below: -

1. The first step is downloading the Exampur app from the Google Play store.

2. After downloading the application, you must properly fill out your registration details.

3. After successfully registering, select the paid course.

4. After clicking there, a new window containing a link to buy the "Anil Special" course will appear.

5. Next, apply the coupon code "ANIL50" to get a 50% discount on our batch and pay the course fee.

6. Complete the process by making your online fee payment. Take a screenshot of the same for future use 


Q. Can anyone take the classes of English Special Batch?

A. Yes, those who want to work on their fundamentals for English should enrol in this batch.

Q. Ths batch is helpful for how many exams?

A. This batch is helpful for  SSC ( CGL, CPO, CHSL, MTS, Steno and GD), AFCAT, CDS, MP (Patwari/ Van Rakshak),  HARYANA CET, HARYANA POLICE (CONSTABLE, DURGA SHAKTI & SI), and HARYANA STATE PCS EXAMS.

Q. Is there any special discount on this batch?

A. Yes, if you purchase this batch nowadays then you will get 50% off.

Q. What are the price details of this batch?

A. The MRP of this batch is only 1199/- Rs. 

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