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Question 1:

Find the value of $5 \times[6 \times 2\{3 \times 7 \div(5 \times 3)\}]$.

Question 2:

A dealer allows his customers a discount of 20% and still gains 20%. If the cost price of an article is ₹ 960, what is its marked price (in ₹)?

Question 3:

4 men and 4 women can complete a work in 5 days, while 2 men and 5 women can finish it in 6 days. How much time (in days) will be taken by 1 woman working alone and 1 man working all by himself to complete the work, respectively?

Question 4:

A can complete $40 \%$ of a work in 6 days and B can complete $33 \frac{1}{3} \%$ of the same work in 8 days. They work together for 8 days. $C$ alone completes the remaining work in 4 days. A and $\mathrm{C}$ together will complete the same work in:

Question 5:

A money lender finds that due to a fall in the annual rate of interest from $10 \%$ to $8 \frac{3}{4} \%$, his year's income diminishes by ₹ $84.50$. Find his capital.

Question 6:

On selling an article for ₹ 984, Arun loses 18%. In order to gain 15%, he must sell it for:

Question 7:

Jagat Singh sold an article for ₹ 6,000 and incurred a loss. Had he sold it for ₹ 7,400 , his profit would have been $\frac{2}{3}$ of the amount of loss that he incurred. At what price should he sell it to gain $25 \%$ profit?

Question 8:

If the surface areas of two spheres are in the ratio of 4:25, then find the ratio of their volumes.

Question 9:

A number is three times another number and their HCF is 8 . What is the sum of the squares of the numbers?

Question 10:

An article was sold for ₹ 1,215 after giving a discount of 19%. If a discount of 17.5% is given, then for how much (in ₹) should the article be sold?