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Question 1:

Toy age refers to -

Question 2:

Which of the following can be the objective of Environmental Studies at primary level?

(a) encouraging children to reflect on their own learning.

(b) engaging children by giving space, time and freedom to generate new knowledge.

(c) treating children as participants in learning, not as receivers of a fixed body of knowledge.

(d) treating the prescribed textbook as the sole basis of resources for learning.

Question 3:

While teaching which of the following is given priority in social science education at the elementary level?

Question 4:

A teacher asks every child to use some waste material from their homes and make something useful out of it.

The pedagogical intention of the teacher is not to:

Question 5:

Cognitive validity in EVS curriculum means :

Question 6:

Shruti of Class V usually does not do her classwork. The best measure to address the situation could be?

Question 7:

Which of the following is not coming under the broad themes of EVS?

Question 8:

The idea of showing a sample railway ticket in the EVS textbook is fine, why?

Question 9:

How will you plan for an integrated EVS classroom?

Question 10:

What should be the focus of teaching environmental science at primary level-