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Question 1:

The following three aspects of intelligence are dealt by Sternberg's triarchic theory except-

Question 2:

"Human development goes on for a lifetime, although two people are not equal, but the order of development remains same in normal children". Which principle of development does this statement point to ?

Question 3:

Which of the following stages lies under the post-conventional stage of Kohlberg’s theory

A.Mutual interpersonal expectation

B.Social system morality

C.Social contract or utility and individual rights

D.Universal ethical principles, morality individual principles

Question 4:

Inclusive Education is necessary because :

Question 5:

In the constructivist framework, learning primarily

Question 6:

Repeatedly asking children to engage in learning activities either to avoid punishment are to gain a reward?

Question 7:

Which of the following is more important for keeping the good mental health of students?

Question 8:

Repeatedly telling the child that ' he/she is not capable of learning ' is likely to –

Question 9:

The changes that happens over the period of one’s lifetime are called

Question 10:

Difficulty in reading sequence of letters is known as