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Question 1:

Video conferencing is used for …………?

Question 2:

What is the full Form of EPROM?

Question 3:

In an MS Excel sheet, a cell address is composed of the_____

Question 4:

Which of the following icon is used to add an attachment to an email?

Question 5:

Which of the following is the slowest type of internet service?

Question 6:

______was the first web browser to implement the omnibox.

Question 7:

Which of the following is used to move an active cell to the first column on the current row?

Question 8:

Which of the following is NOT a valid MS Excel 2007 formula?

Question 9:

_____is NOT a valid option of office button in MS Word 2007.

Question 10:

With reference to text formatting, 'Italic' option belongs to which of the following categories in MS-Word?