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Question 1:

In which of the following states is the Buckingham Canal located?

Question 2:

The Arjun Sahayak Project is being built on which river ?

Question 3:

The most common source of irrigation is -

Question 4:

About 90 percent of the irrigated area in India is under irrigation system?

Question 5:

A channel of canal where water is forced to flow against the slope of land by upliftment is called______.

Question 6:

Which irrigation source is most used in India?

Question 7:

The oldest canal of the state is -

Question 8:

Gori Ganga is a tributary of which of the following rivers ?

Question 9:

From which river does the Indira Gandhi Canal originate?

Question 10:

Hathnikund barrage is located on which river in Yamuna Nagar district of Haryana?