SBI PO/SBI CLERK 2022: Quant QUIZ-36

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Question 1:

Length of the rectangular field is $50 \%$ more than the breadth of the field. What will be the cost of fencing the field whose area is $726 \mathrm{sq} . \mathrm{m}$ and the cost of fencing is Rs. 8.5 per meter ? (in rupees).

Question 2:

Difference between $40 \%$ of $y$ and $20 \%$ of $x$ is 300 whereas difference between $40 \%$ of $x$ and $20 \%$ of $y$ is zero. Find the sum of ' $x$ ' and ' $y$ ' ?

Question 3:

Speed of Manish is $60 \%$ of speed of Anish. Anish covers $2560 \mathrm{~m}$ in 16 seconds. Find in how much time Manish can cover a distance of 2784 m. (in seconds)

Question 4:

Ajay  buys article A and markup it $20 \%$ above its cost price. At the time of sale if he gave $10 \%$ discount instead of $20 \%$ and he gets Rs. $9.6$ more. Find the cost price of the article $A$.

Question 5:

A boatman can cross a river of $120 \mathrm{~km}$ length and came back to its initial point in $9 \mathrm{hrs}$. If speed of boat is thrice than that of the speed of stream then find the speed (in km/hr) of stream?

Question 6:

Area of a given circle is $2464 \mathrm{~m}^{2}$. Perimeter of a rectangle is same as perimeter of circle. Find the diagonal (in $\mathrm{m}$ ) of the rectangle if length of rectangle is $20 \%$ more than the breadth of the rectangle.

Question 7:

A man can row 10 km/hr in still water and it takes him 150 minutes to row to a place and back to the starting point. If the speed of current is 2 km/hr, then how far is the place from the starting point? (in km)

Question 8:

There are 6 multiple choice questions in an examination. How many sequences of answers are possible, if the first three questions have 5 choices each and the last three have 6 choices each ?

Question 9:

A bag has five yellow, six blue and four pink balls while another bag has two yellow, seven blue and six pink balls. A bag is selected at random and a ball drawn out of it, then find the probability that the ball drawn is pink.

Question 10:

The ages of Shiv and Aanand are in the ratio $13:9 $. The sum of their present ages is 66 years. Ratio of Aanand's age to his grandfather's age is 1:3. The difference in ages of Shiv and Aanand's grandfather (in years) is: