SBI PO/SBI CLERK 2022: Reasoning Ability QUIZ-38

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Question 1:

A man introduced the woman and said that her mother is the only daughter of my mother-in-law. How is that man related to that woman?

Question 2:

Deepika is the mother-in-law of Priyanka whose husband is the father-in-law of Ranbir's wife. Salman is the only son of Deepika's husband while Katrina is the only daughter of Ranbir's mother. How is Salman related to Katrina?

Question 3:

If P @ Q means that Q's husband is P; J # L means L is the son of J; and N \$ M means that M's brother is N, then which of the following options ensures that A's mother is B?

Question 4:

A is the son of B. B is the husband of $C$ and Brother of D. D is the mother of $E$ and wife of F. How is $B$ related to $F$ ?

Question 5:

Revati is the sister of Sujit. Pranjal's mother is married to Sujit. Bhavita has one son and one daughter. Lopa is the sister of Pranjal, who is the paternal grandson of Bhavita. Lopa is the daughter of Ramya. How is Revati related to Ramya?

Question 6:

If A @ B means A is the grandson of B,  A # B means A is the wife of B and if A * B means A is the father of B, then what does X * Y @ Z # W mean, if Z has only 1 child?

Question 7:

If P % Q means P is the father of Q. P ! Q means P is the sister Q and P * Q means P is the daughter of Q. Which of the following shows that I is the sister of K's husband?

Question 8:

K is the son of R. V is the wife of J's son. H is K 's son. M is the daughter of J. K is the brother of M. How is H related to R?

Question 9:

In a family of seven persons, Abhay is the son of Monu. Nikunj is the son of Anjali. Megha and Shreya are the daughters of Rakesh, who is married to Anjali. Monu is married to Shreya. How is Abhay related to Rakesh?

Question 10:

Rajan is the father of Ritesh, who is the maternal grandfather of Sunny. Dakshita is the daughter of Reema. Shikha is the mother-in-law of Reema. Ritesh is the only son of Shikha. Pallavi is the sister of Sunny. How is Dakshita related to Sunny?