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Question 1:

What is the difference between the largest and smallest of the following numbers ?

1010, 1101, 1001, 1011

Question 2:

What should be subtracted from the sum of 99090, 90990 and 90099 so that the result will be 2,50,000 ?

Question 3:

Which among the following is/are TRUE.

a. 7 is a factor of 91

b. 13 is a multiple of 117

c. 21 is a multiple of 7

Question 4:

Find the greatest number of four digits which is divisible by 18,21 and 24 .

Question 5:

The least number which is exactly divisible by $5,6,8,10$ and 12 is:

Question 6:

The temperature of a city is 23.5°C at 9 pm. If the temperature drops by 0.7°C every hour after, then at what time the temperature will be 17.2°C ?

Question 7:

If 8A5146B is divisible by 88 , then what is the value of B - A ?

Question 8:

What is the difference of place values of two 7s in the number 276875?

Question 9:

Binsy wants to spend the least amount on purchasing decorative items. Which of the following she should select to spend the least amount?

Question 10:

What should be subtracted from the sum of 9599, 5995 and 9995 to obtain 19995?