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Question 1:

The average age of the boys participating in a camp is 16 years and that of the girls is 13 years. If the ratio of the number of boys and girls participating in the camp is $2: 3$, then what is the average age (in years) of all the participants?

Question 2:

The average of eight consecutive even numbers is 65 . If the next four consecutive even numbers are included, then what is the average of all the numbers?

Question 3:

The average of 4 numbers is 60 and the first number is $\frac{1}{3}$ of the sum of the remaining three numbers. Find the first number.

Question 4:

The average marks of 100 students in a class was 80. The average marks of the top 15 students  and the bottom 15 students in the preference list were 84 and 74, respectively. Find the average marks (correct to two decimal places) of the remaining students.

Question 5:

The average age of a company A with 5 members is 44.8 years and that of another company B with 4 members is 48 years. The total age of company $B$ is what percent less than the total age of company $A$?

Question 6:

The average of six positive numbers is $12.5$. If the first number is two-third of the sum of the last five numbers, then find the average of the last five numbers.

Question 7:

The average of 14 numbers is $73.5$. If two numbers 60 and 63 are replaced by 58 and 70 and one more number $x$ is included, then the average of the numbers now increases by $1.5$. What is the value of $x$ ?

Question 8:

The ratio of the number of boys and girls in a class is $9: 7$. The average weight of all the boys and girls is $54.25 \mathrm{~kg}$. If the average weight of the girls is $52 \mathrm{~kg}$, then what is the average weight (in $\mathrm{kg}$ ) of the boys?

Question 9:

In an exam, the average marks of 40 students is 75. Afterwards, it is found that the marks of 2 students are taken wrong as 56 and 38 instead of 65 and 69. Find the correct average.

Question 10:

The average weight of a certain number of persons in a group is 78 kg. If 4 persons having average weight 80.75 kg leave the group, the average weight of the remaining persons becomes 77.725 kg. The number of persons, initially, is: