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Question 1:

Which country is the largest producer of sugar in the world?

Question 2:

In the year 2014 , India was officially declared free of which of the following diseases?

Question 3:

With reference to famous sports personalities, who among the following is a Dutch?

Question 4:

Who among the following became the fastest athlete at the Khelo India Youth Games 2020?

Question 5:

As per the first advance estimates of 2021-22, which of the following will increase in production as compared to final estimates of 2020-21?

Question 6:

Who among the following received the Dronacharya Award in the Lifetime category, in August 2020?

Question 7:

Which of the following book is written by Indian author Deepa Anapara?

Question 8:

Who among the following persons won a Silver Medal at the Paralympics held in Tokyo in 2021?

Question 9:

What is India’s rank in the Global Hunger Index in the world in 2022?

Question 10:

Which of the following is a cash crop?