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Question 1:

Teeyan is a festival celebrated in Punjab, which celebrates the onset of____?

Question 2:

‘Chu Faat and Yak Chaam' are the folk dance of which state.

Question 3:

Which of the following monuments is also known as the 'Taj of the Deccan'?

Question 4:

Which Kanda (chapter) of Ramcharitmanas is the shortest?

Question 5:

With reference to Indian music, which of the following is NOT a 'Raga'?

Question 6:

With which of the following states are songs called 'Lotia' traditionally associated?

Question 7:

The Shore Temple, which is a UNESCO Heritage Site, is located in the state of______.

Question 8:

There are traditional culinary dishes of 'Balcho' and 'Sorptil'.

Question 9:

To which state does the 'Gheriya Nritya' belong?

Question 10:

Which country gifted the Imphal Peace Museum, Manipur?