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Question 1:

Which of the following statements is true in relation to Environmental Studies at primary level?

Question 2:

Which one of the following should be minimized in the EVS classroom?

Question 3:

Real challenge for EVS learning at primary level is -

Question 4:

Which of the following themes consists of subthemes in the syllabus of EVS at primary level?

Question 5:

Authentic and meaningful learning of EVS can be given through -


B. Real dialogues

C. Process of experimentations

D. Assessment of answer given by students as right and wrong.

Question 6:

Issues of theme "travel" can only be meaningful for the students

Question 7:

Besides EVS textbooks. Which one of the following may be a good resource for EVS learning?

Question 8:

Socio-cultural issues related to Water Theme can be effectively learnt through-

A. Role-play

B. Real dialogue among students

C. Field trip

D. Demonstration and home work

Question 9:

EVS textbook contains real stories, narratives, and real events for the learning of EVS because

A. They are rich sources of information and learning.

B. they inspire students, teachers, and the community.

C. they can provide us an opportunity to revisit experiences we are familiar with.

D. they make the pedagogy of EVS easy for the teachers

Question 10:

For consolidating the learning of EVS, focus of assessment should be on -