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Question 1:

Six year hence, average age of $A, B$ and $C$ is 30 years. Four years ago ratio of age of $A$ and $B$ is 5: 4. $A$ is 4 years younger than $C$. Find the difference between $C$ 's age and $B$ 's age ? (in years).

Question 2:

If $(10 x+5):(42 x+8)$ is the triplicate ratio for $5: 8$, find $x^{3}$

Question 3:

A's salary increases in the ratio $8: 11$. If his new salary is Rs. 33,000 , then what was his original salary (in Rs.)?

Question 4:

Express the ratio $75: 125$ in its simplest form.

Question 5:

The initial ratio of sugar and flour in a food item was $17: 28$. Elizabeth added so much flour to this $27 \mathrm{~kg}$ food that the ratio of sugar and flour becomes $2: 5$. How much flour did Elizabeth add later?

Question 6:

Divide 1870 into three parts so that half of the first, one-third of the second, and 1 / 6 of the third are equal. What will be the three parts?

Question 7:

In an alloy of German silver, the ratio of copper to zinc was $21: 16$ while that of nickel to zinc was $7: 24$ What was the ratio of copper to zinc to nickel in the alloy?

Question 8:

315 marbles are distributed among Aman, Ashok and Alok in the ratio $7: 3$ : $5$ , respectively. How many more marbles did Aman get compared to Ashok?

Question 9:

If 264 is divided in the ratio 31 : 13 then what is the value of the smaller part?

Question 10:

If (2x + 3) : (5x + 4) is the triplicate ratio of $3: 4$, find the square of 'x'?