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Question 1:

I wouldn't have accepted anything _____________ a job in Europe.

Question 2:

The teacher got angry ______________ them because they were behaving badly.

Question 3:

We’re really bad _______________ predicting future costs.

Question 4:

I wouldn’t be in here _____________ your help.

Question 5:

Ritu is also very keen ______________ modern filmmakers.

Question 6:

She is very conscious ______________ the need for the greater scrutiny of these matters.

Question 7:

She said to me, “Come sit here ______________ me.”

Question 8:

We walked _____________ the beach collecting small crabs in a bucket.

Question 9:

Some industry officials remain unaware ______________ the potential dangers.

Question 10:

Rohan is married _____________ Heena, isn’t he?