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Question 1:

In an examination, Radha scored $20 \%$ of marks and failed by 10 marks. Seeta scored $30 \%$ of marks, which is 20 marks more than the pass mark. The total marks of the examination are:

Question 2:

Arun spends $30 \%$ of his monthly income on groceries, $20 \%$ of the remaining on rent, and $45 \%$ of the remaining on children's education and others. If he saves ₹ 5,544 a month, then how much (in ₹) does he spend on rent?

Question 3:

A certain number of students from school A appeared in an examination and $65 \%$ of them passed. $100 \%$ more students than those in school A, appeared in the same examination from school B. If $75 \%$ of the total students that appeared from schools A and B passed, then what is the percentage of students who failed from school B?

Question 4:

If a number $\mathrm{A}$ is $30 \%$ less than another number $\mathrm{B}$ and $\mathrm{B}$ is $20 \%$ more than 150 , then what is the value of $A$ ?

Question 5:

An alloy contains $40\%$ silver, $30\%$ copper and $30\%$ nickel. How much silver (in kg) should be mixed in the 25 kg alloy so that silver in the new alloy  becomes $50 \%$  ?

Question 6:

In a village, total number of voters was $5000. 8 \%$ of the total votes got rejected and the winner got $60 \%$ of the valid votes. Find the number of votes loser got.

Question 7:

Savita decides to donate 8% of her monthly income to a charitable trust. On the day of charity she changes her decision and donates an amount of ₹ 2,880 which is 20% less than the amount already earmarked for charity. What is his monthly income (in ₹)?

Question 8:

How many litres of pure acid are there in 15 litres of 30 % solution?

Question 9:

A fruit seller had some apples. He sold 40% of the apples and still had 540 apples. The number of apples he had originally was:

Question 10:

Aman spends 74% of his income. If his expenditure increases by 30% and savings increase by 25%, then by what percentage will his income increase?