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Question 1:

In which district is the maximum production of jute in Bihar?

Question 2:

Who among the Sikh Gurus first visited Bihar?

Question 3:

Which was the first English newspaper of Bihar

Question 4:

Which of the following soil is found in the largest area in Bihar?

Question 5:

What percentage of land is left with the state of Bihar after the formation of Jharkhand state?

Question 6:

Recently when has the Bihar Legislative Assembly celebrated its centenary celebrations?

Question 7:

Where has it been announced to install the largest statue of Gautam Buddha in the world?

Question 8:

Which pair is wrong in the pairs of the major dynasties of Bihar and the respective kings?

Dynasties                -                 kings

Question 9:

Which one of the following is not correctly matched?

Question 10:

Among the following pairs of mineral and district, which one is correctly matched?