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Question 1:

Teena walks 12 m westward, then turns left and walks 15 m. She then takes a 45° turn rightwards and walk straight. In which direction is she walking now?

Question 2:

Shiv is going in South- East direction. He turns 90° in clockwise direction and then turns 45° in anticlockwise direction. He cover a distance of 5 m and then turns 135° in clockwise direction., Find in which direction Shiv is going now?

Question 3:

Mohit starts walking in the north direction and he covers a distance of 6m. Then he turns in the right direction and covers 8m. Again he turns in the left direction and walks 10m to reach the office. In which direction is he facing now?

Question 4:

A boy started walking straight  towards north for 5 km. Then he took a right turn and walked for 5km. Then he again turned right and walked for 8 km. Then he turned to his left and walked for 6 km. In which direction was he is facing now?

Question 5:

Point J is in 15m north of Point N. Point K is in 20m north of Point L. Point S is in 35m east of Point K. Point O is in 25m south of Point S. Point J is in 20m east of Point O.

If point Z is 20m south of point L, then what is the total distance between point Z and point N?

Question 6:

A left the house and walked 10 km towards North, then took a right turn and walked 5 km and then took a right turn and walked 10 km. After that he turns left and walks 10 km. How many kilometers and in which direction will he have to walk to reach home from the last point?

Question 7:

"sachin start  walking in north direction 100m then he right 200m again he moves left and walk 300m finally he moves left direction and walk in which direction he is standing from starting point??

Question 8:

A person facing south-east turns clockwise at 45degree then he turns clockwise at 180degree. In which direction is he facing now?

Question 9:

A person starts walking in the north direction and walks 8 m, then takes two consecutive right turns and walks 10m and 8m respectively. From there he takes a left turn and walks 6m, then finally takes a right turn and walks 4m to reach his destination. What is the direction of his final position with respect to the initial position?

Question 10:

While coming home from school at 5 p.m., Ketaki's shadow was falling to her left. In which direction is the school from her home?