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Question 1:

Lev Vygotsky considers which factors to be important in influencing the cognitive development of children?

a. Culture

b. Language

c. Modification and building of schemas

d. Formation of stimulus-response connections

Question 2:

In an inclusive set up ___makes reasonable accommodations as per the needs of the______.

Question 3:

Flexible seating arrangement, learners working in groups, are characteristics of a -

Question 4:

After getting hurt during a paly activity, Rohan started crying. Seeing this, his father responded, “Don’t behave like girls, boys don’t cry”. This statement by the father

Question 5:

Identifying the difficulty; setting the goal; exploring possible solution and consequences; acting accordingly and evaluate the outcomes are important steps involved in the process of –

Question 6:

National Education Policy 2020 recommends –

Question 7:

Which of the following is the primary socialising agency?

Question 8:

Which of the following factors influence learning ?

(i) Motivation

(ii) Social context

(iii) Emotions

(iv) Pedagogical approaches

Question 9:

As per National curriculum framework (2005), children –

Question 10:

In child-centred education –