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Question 1:

Three bottles of orange juice contains orange and water in the ratio of 4: 3, 3: 2 and 9 : 7 respectively.  21 litres from first bottle and 20 litres form second  bottle is mixed with x litres from third bottle to get a new juice in which orange and water are in the ratio of 15: 11, then find the value of x.

Question 2:

Two alloys A and B have silver and copper in the ratio 5 : 1 and 7 : 2 respectively. In what ratio should they be mixed for 80% silver in the mixture?

Question 3:

How much rice (in kg) costing Rs. $72 / \mathrm{kg}$ is mixed with $24 \mathrm{~kg}$ of another rice costing Rs. $84 / \mathrm{kg}$ in such a way that mixture is sold at $\mathrm{Rs} .88 / \mathrm{kg}$ and gets $10 \%$ profit?

Question 4:

Distribute Rs.440 among 80 students such that each boy gets Rs.6 and each girl gets Rs.4. Find the possible number of boys-

Question 5:

The ratio in which tea costing Rs. 192 per kg is to be mixed with tea costing Rs. $150 / \mathrm{kg}$ So that the mixed tea when sold Rs. 194.40 $\mathrm{kg}$, gain a profit of $20 \%$ is:

Question 6:

Three containers have their volumes in the ratio $3: 4: 5$. They are full of mixture of milk and water. The mixture contain milk and water in the ratio of $(4: 1),(3: 1)$ and $(5$ :2) respectively. The contents of all three container are poured into a fourth container. The ratio of milk and water in the fourth container is:

Question 7:

The average monthly salary of all the employees in a factory is Rs. 12460 . If the average salary of all the officers is Rs. $17097.5$ and that of the remaining employees is Rs. 8750 , then what $\%$ of the total employees are the officers?

Question 8:

Solution A and B are $16 \%$ and $21 \%$ acidic respectively. In what ratio should solution A and B be mixed to obtain a solution which is $19.5 \%$ acidic.

Question 9:

If the ratio of alcohol and water in a mixture of 85 litres is 11 ∶ 6. How much water should be added to make the ratio 5 ∶ 3?

Question 10:

A mixture contains wine and water in the ratio 5 : 1. On adding 10 litre of water, the ratio of wine to water becomes 5 : 3. The quantity of wine in the mixture is ?