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Question 1:

Needs are divided into how many parts ?

Question 2:

“Motivation is the process of arousing, sustaining and regulating activity” who said this statement-

Question 3:

Which of the following statements is/are correct regarding the role of motivation in teaching-learning process
1.Helpful in energies behavior
2.Acquisition of knowledge
3.Helpful in character formation

Question 4:

Unconscious mind is ______ cause of motivation

Question 5:

Habit, etiquettes and interest is ______ cause of motivation

Question 6:

___________ becomes active when there is some need.

Question 7:

Needs and drives are ___________ requirements, whereas incentives are ________ requirements

Question 8:

ERG theory of motivation is also known as

Question 9:

Growth need in the Alderfer ERG theory is similar to _________ needs of Maslow’s theory

Question 10:

______________ need, interrelationships between different sections of society are given place