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Question 1:

In a class, 20% of the students are under 10 years of age. The number of students who are more than 10 years old is one third of the number of students who are 10 years old. If there are 24 students who are 10 years old, then how many students are there in the class?

Question 2:

A certain number of students from school A appeared in an examination and $65 \%$ of them passed. $100 \%$ more students than those in school A, appeared in the same examination from school B. If $75 \%$ of the total students that appeared from schools A and B passed, then what is the percentage of students who failed from school B?

Question 3:

Ram got $40 \%$ marks in an examination and failed by 20 marks. Aditya got $45 \%$ marks and got 30 marks more than the marks required to pass. What is the percentage of marks required to pass?

Question 4:

Two students A and B appeared in an examination. A secured 9 marks more than B and his marks were 60 % of the sum of their marks. The marks obtained by A were:

Question 5:

The income of x is 80% more than that of y, and the income of z is 60% of the total income of x and y. The income of z is what percent less than that of x (correct to one decimal place)?

Question 6:

Reshma spends 84 % of her income. If her income increases by 30 % and savings increase by 40 %, then by what percentage will her expenditure increase (correct to one decimal place)?

Question 7:

The price of a car increased by 25 % while its sales decreased by 16 %. What is the percentage change in the total revenue ?

Question 8:

A batsman scored 124 runs, which included 6 boundaries and 10 sixes. What percentage of his total score did he make by running between the wickets?

Question 9:

A loss of $10 \frac{1}{2} \%$ gets converted into a profit of $11 \frac{3}{5} \%$ when the selling price is increased by ₹ $132.60$. The cost price (in ₹) of the article is

Question 10:

Two numbers X and Y are such that the sum of 3% of X and 2% of Y is two-third of the sum of 2 % of X and 6% of Y. The ratio of three times of X to two times of Y is: