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Question 1:

A dealer sold two types of goods for Rs. 10,000 each. On one of them, he lost $20 \%$ and on the other he gained $20 \%$. His gain or loss per cent in the entire transaction was :

Question 2:

A man sold some apples at 12 for Rs. 5 and therefore gains $20 \%$. Calculate the cost price of the apples?

Question 3:

A man after selling 7 apples loses an amount equals to the selling price of an apple. Calculate loss percent?

Question 4:

While selling, a businessman allows $40 \%$ discount on the marked price and there is a loss of $30 \%$. If it is sold at the marked price profit percent will be :

Question 5:

A man purchased 150 pens at the rate of Rs. 12 per pen. He sold 50 pens at a gain of $10 \%$. The percentage gain at which he must sell the remaining pens so as to gain $15 \%$ on the whole outlay is :

Question 6:

A trader sold a watch for Rs. 170 and lost $15 \%$ what is cost price of the watch?

Question 7:

If the cost price of 12 things is equal to selling price of 15 things then find the profit/loss percentage?

Question 8:

A' sold an article to ' B' at a profit of $20 \%$, 'B' sold the same article to 'C' at a loss of $25 \%$ and ' $\mathrm{C}$ ' sold the same article to 'D' at a profit of $40 \% .$ If 'D' paid Rs. 252 for the article, then find how much did 'A' pay for it?

Question 9:

A discount series of $10 \%, 20 \%$ and $40 \%$ is equal to a single discount of :

Question 10:

Arun marks up the computer at $20 \%$ profit and sells them at a discount of $15 \%$ Arun's net gain percent is: