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Question 1:

What is 18% of 350?

Question 2:

2700 Candidates appeared for an Examination, of which 2430 passed. the pass percentage of candidates who are appeared in the examination. What will be the pass percentage of students in the examination?

Question 3:

The price of an article of Rs.800 Its price is increased by 10%, then again its price is increased by 10%. How much is increased in total price?

Question 4:

If 35%of a number is 225 less than 50% of that number, then the number is:

Question 5:

The monthly income of a person is Rs 8000. If his income is increased by 30%, then what is his monthly income now?

Question 6:

Aman losses 20% of his money. After Spending 25% of the remainder, he has Rs 4500 left. What is the amount of money he originally had?

Question 7:

The salary of the Worker of a factory increases by 5%per month. If the salary in January was Rs10000, What will be his salary in the month of March of the same year?

Question 8:

The population of a town has decreased from 80000 to 60000. Find the decreased percentage of the population?

Question 9:

A person’s salary has increased from Rs 6000 to 7200. What is the percentage increase in his salary?

Question 10:

If the price of rice is increased by 20%, by what percentage should the consumption be decreased by the consumer, if the expenditure on rice remains unchanged?