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Question 1:

Which one of the following is a correct statement about a textbook?

Question 2:

What is meant by ‘reading skills on the basis of National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005?

Question 3:

In a language class, students are memorising the dialogues through drill and practice and the teacher is correcting their pronunciation mistakes immediately. They are practising the dialogues in chorus. In this case, the teacher is following which of the methods?

Question 4:

Authentic Assessment is a/an-

Question 5:

Which of the following questions involves MOST 'inference making' by students, after reading a poem

Question 6:

Which among the following is not true?

Question 7:

Why do you consider the 'Process Approach' to writing as ideal for learners to learn to write a good piece of writing?

Question 8:

Which one of the following is the best correction technique?

Question 9:

Which one of the following statements is correct about conducting assessment at the primary stage?

Question 10:

What is mother tongue based multilingualism ?