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Question 1:

In the question below two statements are followed by two conclusions numbered I and II. You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance with commonly known facts. Read both the conclusions and decide which of them logically follows from the given statements disregarding commonly known facts.


All pens are pencils.

Some pens are papers.


I. Some pens are not papers.

II. Some papers are pencils.

नीचे दिए गए में दो कथनों के बाद दो निष्कर्ष I और II दिए गए हैं। आपको दिए गए कथनों को सत्य मानना है, भले ही वे सर्वज्ञात तथ्यों से भिन्न प्रतीत होते हों। दोनों निष्कर्षों को पढ़िए और सर्वज्ञात तथ्यों की अवहेलना करते हुए तय कीजिए कि इनमें से कौन सा कथन दिए गए कथनों का तार्किक रूप से अनुसरण करता है।

Question 2:

What is the number of squares in the given figure?

Question 3:

Which word does NOT belong to the others?

Question 4:

Which two signs should be interchanged to make the given equation correct?

104 x 4 +14=20÷2

Question 5:

Direction : From among the given alternatives select the one in which the set of numbers is most like the set of numbers given in the question.
49 : 81 :: 64 : ?

Question 6:

Complete the analogy.

ADM : GJS :: SSC : ?

Question 7:

An alphabet series is given below with one term missing, shown by  "?".

Choose the Correct alternative that will fit the pattern of the series.


Question 8:

Directions : Select the related word/number from the given alternatives.

Fish : Gills :: Man : ?

Question 9:

If HOLIDAY is coded as ELIFAXV, then how will SUM be coded as?

Question 10:

Study the given pattern carefully and select the number that can replace the question mark (?) in it.