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Question 1:

The difference between two numbers is 5 and the difference of their squares is 65, then the larger number will be:

Question 2:

A number when divided by 65 , gives 31 as the remainder. The same number when divided by 13 , gives the remainder:

Question 3:

The least number which is exactly divisible by $5,6,8,10$ and 12 is:

Question 4:

What is the remainder when the product of 335,608 and 853 is divided by 13 ?

Question 5:

Savita went to the ATM to withdraw some money. She got five notes of Rs. 2000, four notes of Rs. 500 and nine notes of Rs. 100. On counting she found that 1 note of Rs. 2000 and 1 note of Rs. 100 are less. How much money she entered for withdrawal?

Question 6:

The four traffic lights of a cross road change after 30s, 45s, 1 minute and 75s respectively. If these lights changed simultaneously at 1:35 pm, then they will change simultaneously again at.

Question 7:

A and B are two prime numbers such that A > B and their LCM is 209. The value of A$^2$-B is:

Question 8:

The difference between two integers is 1208. When the larger number is divided by the smaller number, the quotient is 4 and the remainder is 182. Which is the bigger number?

Question 9:

The four prime numbers are written in ascending order. The product of first three is 385 and the product of last three is 1001. What is the first prime number?

Question 10:

A farmer divides the herd of n cows among his four sons in such a way that the first son gets half the herd, the second son gets one-fourth, the third son gets gets 1/5 share and the fourth son gets 7 cows. What is the value of n accordingly?