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Question 1:

A sum of Rs. 35260 is lent out in two parts, one at $12.5 \%$ simple interest and the other at $16.5 \%$ simple Interest. If the annual interest is Rs. $4936.4$, then what sum is lent at $16.5 \%$ ? (in Rupees)

Question 2:

There are total 10 pets some are Dogs and some are Cats. Each Dog eats 6 biscuits and each Cat eats 5 biscuits ,if there are total 56 biscuits then find the number of cats .

Question 3:

A merchant has $2,000 \mathrm{~kg}$ of sugar, part of which he sells at $8 \%$ profit and rest at $18 \%$ profit. He gains $14 \%$ on the whole. Find the quantity sold at $18 \%$ profit.

Question 4:

In a class of 40 students, the number of boys is 4 more than the number of girls. The average weight of the entire class is $48.4$ kg. If the average weight of girls is 44 kg, what is the average weight of boys?

Question 5:

In what ratio wheat costing Rs. $17 / \mathrm{kg}$ mixed another wheat costing Rs. $12 / \mathrm{kg}$ to get a mixture costing Rs. $13.5 / \mathrm{kg} ?$

Question 6:

Milk contains 5% water, what quantity of pure milk should be added to 10 liters of milk to reduce this to 2%?

Question 7:

The ratio of milk and water in $55 \mathrm{~kg}$ of mixture is $7: 4 .$ The quantity of water must be added to make the ratio $7: 6$ is:

Question 8:

A solution contains acid and water in the ratio of $4: 5 .$ If $20 \%$ of the solution is replaced by water, then what will be the ratio of acid and water in the new solution?

Question 9:

Three containers have their volumes in the ratio $3: 4: 5$. They are full of mixture of milk and water. The mixture contain milk and water in the ratio of $(4: 1),(3: 1)$ and $(5$ :2) respectively. The contents of all three container are poured into a fourth container. The ratio of milk and water in the fourth container is:

Question 10:

A mixture of acid and water contains 20 percent acid. When 10 litres of water is added to the mixture, then the percentage of acid becomes 15 percent. What is the original quantity of mixture?