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Question 1:

Select the correct mirror image of the given figure, when the mirror is placed on its right.

Question 2:

Pen' is related to 'Ink' in the same way as 'Needle' is related to '..........'.

Question 3:

Select the Venn diagram that best represents the relations between the following classes.

sea creatures, shrimp, walrus

Question 4:

Select the option which is related to the fourth letter-cluster in the same way as the first letter-cluster is related to the second letter-cluster.

AF : GL :: ? : SX

Question 5:

Select the option in which the given figure is embedded (rotation is not allowed).

Question 6:

Read the given statements and conclusions carefully. Assuming that the information given in the statements is true even if it seems to be at variance from commonly known facts, decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements.


I. Some dentists are surgeons.

II. All surgeons are doctors.


I. Some dentists are doctors.

II. No surgeon is dentist.

Question 7:

Wilson, Peter, Yagnik and Zohra are sitting in a row watching TV. Yagnik sits to the left of Zohra, who is to the left of Wilson. Who is to the left of Yagnik, if he does not sit at any of the ends of the row?

Question 8:

From the given alternatives, select the number which can come in place of the question mark (?) in the following series.

$28,14,14,21,42,105$ ?

Question 9:

Dheeraj is the only son of Santosh and Santosh is the only daughter of my mother. How is my mother related to Dheeraj?

Question 10:

Select the correct option which shows the order of the given words in the order in which they appear in the English dictionary.

1. Court

2. Course

3. Courteous

4. Count

5. Courage