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Question 1:

Bharavi was a contemporary of which ruler?

Question 2:

The main centre of education during the Pallava reign was -

Question 3:

Consider the following statements :--

A. Ur, sabha nagaram were the types of villages in South India .

B. Ghatika was the name given to an educational institution in South India.

Which of the statement/statements given above is/are correct?

Question 4:

Which rulers' kingdom was divided into Kottam?

Question 5:

Dravidian style of temple architecture was started under whose rule-

Question 6:

The land donated by the Pallava rulers to the Brahmins was called?

Question 7:

Which of the following is Not correctly matched -

(Title) (Ruler)

Question 8:

Who was called Devdhan in ancient times?

Question 9:

In which language did the early Pallava rulers issue their charters?

Question 10:

The pulindas mentioned in Ashoka's inscriptions are related to whom -