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Question 1:

If $\tan \theta+\cot \theta=\frac{4}{\sqrt{3}}$ , where $0<\theta<\frac{\pi}{2}$, then $\sin \theta+\cos \theta$ is equal to -

Question 2:

The value of $\quad \tan 8^{\circ} \cdot \tan 43^{\circ} \cdot \tan 47^{\circ} \cdot \tan 82^{\circ}$ is :

Question 3:

If $\sin \theta+ \sin ^{2} \theta=1$, then find $\sin \theta+\cos ^{4} \theta =?$

Question 4:

$\frac{\sin 60^{\circ} \cdot \tan 30^{\circ} \cdot \sec ^{2} 30^{\circ}+\cot 45^{\circ}}{\tan 45^{\circ}-\operatorname{sin}^{2} 30^{\circ} \cdot \cos 60^{\circ} \cdot \cot ^{2} 30^{\circ}}$

Question 5:

If $\operatorname{Cot} x=\frac{5}{12}$, then $\operatorname{Sin} x+\frac{1}{\operatorname{Cot} x}+\operatorname{Sec} x=?$

Question 6:

Find the value of

 $\frac{\sin 59^{\circ} \cdot \cos 31^{\circ}+\cos59 \cdot \sin 31^{\circ}}{\cos 20^{\circ} \cdot \cos 25^{\circ}-\sin 20^{\circ} \cdot \sin 25^{\circ}}$

Question 7:

Simplify the following expression: $\operatorname{cosec}^4 A\left(1-\cos ^4 A\right)-2 \cot ^2 A-1$

Question 8:

Find the value of $\sin ^{2} 60^{\circ}+\cos ^{2} 30^{\circ}-$ $\sin ^{2} 45^{\circ}-3 \sin ^{2} 90^{\circ}$?

Question 9:

If $\operatorname{cosec} \theta-\cot \theta=\frac{7}{2}$, the value of $\operatorname{cosec} \theta$ is:

Question 10:

The numerical value of $\frac{\cos ^{2} 45^{\circ}}{\sin ^{2} 60^{\circ}}+\frac{\cos ^{2} 60^{\circ}}{\sin ^{2} 45^{\circ}}-\frac{\tan ^{2} 30^{\circ}}{\cot ^{2} 45^{\circ}}-\frac{\sin ^{2} 30^{\circ}}{\cot ^{2} 30^{\circ}}$ is.