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Question 1:

A and B start a business. A invests $33 \frac{1}{3} \%$ of the total capital and B invests the remaining capital. If the total profit at the end of the year is ₹ 1,62,000, then what will be the share (in ₹) of B?

Question 2:

Rahul starts a business with Rs.25000. After 4 months Shubham joins him with Rs. 35,000. At the end of the year, in what ratio should they share the profit?

Question 3:

Two partners Vineet and Deepak start a business by investing Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 15,000 respectively. What will be the ratio of their profits at the end of the year?

Question 4:

P, Q, and R started an online education website by investing Rs. 1,20,000, Rs.1,35,000 and Rs. $1,50,000$ respectively. Find the share of Q's, out of an annual profit of Rs. 1,13,400.

Question 5:

A started a cricket bat business by investing Rs. 42,500 after 6 months, B joined him with the capital of Rs. 35000 . After 1 years, they earned a profit of 48,000 , what was A's share in the profit?

Question 6:

Motu and Patlu are partners in a business. If Motu contributes $\frac{1}{3}$ of total investment for 18 months and Patlu gets $\frac{1}{4}$ th of profit then for how much time Patlu contributed his investment?

Question 7:

Anupam invested Rs. 16000 in a venture for 6 months and Seema invested Rs. 8000 for 7 months. The ratio of profit received by them will be :

Question 8:

Priya started the business of alcohol with Rs. 70,000 after some years Sunita joins the business with Rs.50,000.At the end of 2 years they earn profit in the ratio $8 : 5$. Find after how many months of Priya did Sunita join business?

Question 9:

Shiwani and Anshu invested Rs. $x$ and Rs. $3 x$ respectively in a business. The time periods of Shiwani and Anshu is in the ratio $2: 3$. If the profit share of Anshu is Rs. 270000 , then find the total profit if they continue the business for 3 more years?

Question 10:

A and B together start a business with a capital of Rs.50,000 and Rs.25,000 respectively the 4 month of later of starting the business C join them with the capital of Rs. 25000. A withdraw his half capital after 4 month of C join the business then find the ratio of their profit after a year .