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Question 1:

If 29th November 2018 was Thursday, then what day will 29th November 2021 be?

Question 2:

Which year calendar will be the same as 2005 ?

Question 3:

If 27th May 2007 is Sunday, then what day of the week will 25th May 2018 be?

Question 4:

Which is the first month of the Indian national calendar year beginning on 22 March, which is the day after the spring equinox?

Question 5:

What was the day of the week on 6 January 2010 ?

Question 6:

What is the angle between the hour hand and the minute hand at $2: 12$ p.m.?

Question 7:

What will be the acute angle between the hour and minute hands at $6: 25$ p.m.?

Question 8:

A clock is showing the time $1: 40$. If the minute hand points to South - West, in which direction does the hour hand point?

Question 9:

AT 9 pm, the hour hand faces north, Which direction will the minute hand face at 6.30 am?

Question 10:

Find the water image of the clock when time is 8 : 54 .