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Question 1:

$\mathrm{X}$ is the brother of $\mathrm{Y}$, $\mathrm{V}$ is the mother of $\mathrm{Y}$, $\mathrm{M},$ is the husband of $\mathrm{V}$ is sister, $N$ is brother of $V$, $U$ is husband of $V$ then daughter of $M$ is of $V$

Question 2:

Sankeerth has a brother, Selan. Sankeerth is the son of Chandan. Asharam is Chandan's father. In terms of relations, how is Chandan related to Selan?

Question 3:

If X is the son of Z  and M, and X  is married to NY, then NY, is related to  Z and M.

Question 4:

G, M, P, V, Z and D are six members of a family. $Z$ is the son of $V . M$ is the brother of $V . D$ and $V$ are a married couple. $\mathrm{P}$ is the daughter of $\mathrm{D} . \mathrm{D}$ is the sister of $\mathrm{G}$.

How is $Z$ related to $P$ ?

Question 5:

Suresh's sister is Ram's wife. Ram is the brother of Rani. Ram's father is Madhur. Sheetal is the grandmother of Ram. Reema is the daughter-in-law of Sheetal. Rohit is the son of Rani's brother. What do you think of Rohit, Suresh?

Question 6:

Both X and Y are children of Z. If Z is the father of X but Y is not the son of Z, then what is the relation between Y and Z?

Question 7:

Meena's father is Tina's brother-in-law. How is Meena related to Tina?

Question 8:

Maya is Gopal's wife. Preethi's husband, Naresh has a sister, Jaya and a brother, Gopal. How is Naresh related to Maya?

Question 9:

$A$ is the brother of $B$ and son of $C$ and $D$. $E$ is B's husband and $F^{\prime} s$ father.

What additional information is needed to answer how $\mathrm{C}$ is related to $\mathrm{A}$ ?

Question 10:

$P$ is the sister of $Q, R$ is the father of $P$ and $S$ is the mother of $R$. How is $S$ related to $Q$ ?