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Question 1:

LCM of two numbers is 225 and their HCF is 5 . If one number is 25 , the other number will be:

Question 2:

The value of $5 \frac{1}{3}-\left[\frac{9}{4}+\left\{\frac{5}{4}-\frac{1}{13} \times\left(\frac{5}{2}-\frac{1}{3}\right)\right\}\right]$ is:

Question 3:

In an examination, $35 \%$ of all the students who appeared are boys and the rest are girls. If $40 \%$ of the boys and $80 \%$ of the girls passed, then what is the percentage of students who failed?

Question 4:

A shopkeeper increases the price of an object by 20% and then sells it at 10% discount on the marked price. If the selling of such an object be Rs.5400 ,its cost price for the shopkeeper was ?

Question 5:

A cricketer has a certain average of runs for his 8 innings. In the ninth innings, he scores 100 runs, thereby increases his average by 9 runs. His new average of runs is

Question 6:

Annual income of Shubham and Vishal are in the ratio of 5 : 7. The expenditure of Vishal is 60% more than the expenditure of Shubham. If at the end of the year each saves Rs.4000. The annual income of Vishal is:

Question 7:

Shubham invested Rs. 2250 in a business and after some time Shivam also join him and invested Rs. 2500 . At the end of year Shivam received Rs. 2750 profit out of Rs. 6050 . After how much time did he join the business?

Question 8:

A train covers 400 km at a uniform speed. If the speed had been 10 km/h more , it would have taken 2 hours less for the same journey. What is the speed of the train (in km/h )?

Question 9:

Two pipes A and B can fill a tank in 12 hours and 21 hours respectively. If they are turned on alternately for one hour each starting with A, then what is the time taken (in hours) to fill the tank?

Question 10:

The radius of a sphere is $9 \mathrm{~cm} .$ It is melted and drawn into a wire of radius $0.3 \mathrm{~cm}$. The length of the wire is: