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Question 1:

Ratio of age of Aditya and Vaibhav after 6 years is $17: 24$ and the difference between their age is 14 years. Find the present age of Aditya.

Question 2:

The ratio of the volumes of a right circular cylinder and a sphere is 3 : 2. If the radius of the sphere is three times the radius of the base of the cylinder, then find the ratio of the surface areas of the cylinder and the sphere.

Question 3:

Simple interest on ₹ $x$ at $8.5\%$ p.a. in 12 years is ₹ $3,298$ less than the amount received in $4 \frac{4}{5}$ years on the same amount at the same rate of interest. What will be the value of $x$?

Question 4:

Mukesh walks at $9 \mathrm{~km} / \mathrm{hr}$ and Ramesh walks at $14 \mathrm{~km} / \mathrm{hr}$ towards to each other what was the distance between them when they started if they meet after 45 minutes -

Question 5:

X is 60% more efficient than Y, and Y alone can do a work in 80 days. Working together, X and Y will complete 52% of the same work in

Question 6:

What will be the value of $2 \frac{1}{9} \div\left[3 \frac{5}{6}-\frac{2}{3} \times\left(6 \frac{1}{2}-2 \frac{1}{3}\right)\right]$? 

Question 7:

A shopkeeper sells an article at $8 \%$ discount on the marked price. If the marked price is $14 \%$ above the cost price and the article was sold at Rs.5244 then the cost price of the article is___. (in rupees)

Question 8:

If $x \%$ of 240 is equal to $60 \%$ of $(x+450)$, then $20 \%$ of $(x+50)$ is what percentage less than $40 \%$ of $x$ ?

Question 9:

If a number is divided by 15 , it leaves a remainder of 7 . If thrice the number is divided by 5 , then what is the remainder?

Question 10:

The average weight of 20 girls in a school was 52 kg. Two new students of weight 54 kg and 50 kg were admitted. The ratio of this new average to the old one is: