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Question 1:

The value of $\sin ^{2} 60^{\circ} \cos ^{2} 60^{\circ}+$ $2 \tan ^{2} 60^{\circ}-\operatorname{cosec}^{2} 30^{\circ}$ is equal to:

Question 2:

$\mathrm{O}$ is the in-centre of the $\triangle \mathrm{ABC}$, if $\angle \mathrm{BOC}=116^{\circ}$, then $\angle \mathrm{BAC}$ is:

Question 3:

The curved surface area of a right circular cone is $3185 \pi \mathrm{cm}^2$. If the radius of its base is $35 \mathrm{~cm}$, then its height (in cm) will be:

Question 4:

Six digit number $5 a 4 b 6 c$ is divisible by 7 , 11 and 13. Find the value of $(3 a-5 b+7 c)$.

Question 5:

Riya spends $66 \frac{2}{3} \%$ of her income. If her income increases by $16 \%$ and savings increase by $17 \%$, then her expenditure increases by:

Question 6:

The average of twelve numbers is 39 . The average of the last five numbers is 35 , and that of the first four numbers is 40 . The fifth number is 6 less than the sixth number and 5 more than the seventh number. The average of the fifth and sixth numbers is:

Question 7:

If an article is sold for Rs.158 at a loss of 21 %. What should be its selling price to earn a profit of 21 %?

Question 8:

The compound interest on a certain sum for 2 years at $15 \%$ p.a. is ₹ 7,282 , interest being compounded 8 -monthly. What will be the amount of the same sum at the same rate for the same duration, when the interest is compounded yearly?

Question 9:

The odometer of a bus shows a reading of $3000 \mathrm{~km}$ at the beginning of a journey and $3600 \mathrm{~km}$ at the end of the journey. If the total time taken for the journey was 8 hours, then the average speed of the bus is

Question 10:

A and B working together can complete 45% of a work in 18 days. A alone can complete the same work in 60 days. A and B work together for 16 days, and then A leaves. B alone will complete the remaining work in: