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Question 1:

According to the data of the Union Ministry of Steel and Civil Aviation, what is the position of India in the production of crude steel?

Question 2:

In June 2023, a woman named Muthamizh Selvi became the first woman from which of the following states to scale Mount Everest?

Question 3:

The first AIIMS in the country to have been accredited by the 'National Accreditation Board for Hospitals' (NABH)?

Question 4:

Five non-permanent members were elected to the UN Security Council in June 2023; Which is not one of the following?

Question 5:

In June 2023, with which of the following countries India organized the Defence Seminar cum Exhibition?

Question 6:

In June 2023, the Union Cabinet approved the continuation of which of the following mineral exploration schemes?

Question 7:

In June 2023, the National Hydro Power Corporation Limited announced its cooperation through an MoU with which state to promote renewable energy?

Question 8:

In June 2023, the Union Cabinet approved the third revival package for which of the following telecom company?

Question 9:

Who has been appointed as the new Director General of the Geological Survey of India (GSI) by the government in June 2023?

Question 10:

In June 2023, which of the following states has launched the 'Nand Baba Milk Mission Scheme'?