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Question 1:

Sita deposited Rs. 5,000 at $10 \%$ simple interest for 2 years. How much more money will Sita have in her account at the end of two years, if it is compounded semi-annually.

Question 2:

Rs 8000 amounts to Rs 9261 after 3 years when Interest is $x \%$ compounded annually. Find $x$ ?

Question 3:

What is the value of tan166°?

Question 4:

Aditya sells two wrist watches from his personal collection for ₹ 12,600 each. On the first watch, he gains 26% and, on the second, he loses 10%. Find the overall gain or loss percentage.

Question 5:

A, B and C togethelr can do a job in $12 \frac{1}{2}$ days C is just $20 \%$ as efficient as A. B can do the job in $37 \frac{1}{2}$ days. In how man doays can $A$ and $\mathrm{C}$ together do the job?

Question 6:

A tent is of the shape of a right circular cylinder upto a height of 3 metres and then becomes a right circular cone with maximum height of $13.5$ metres above the ground. If the radius of the base is 14 metres, the cost of painting the inner side of the tent at the rate of Rs. 2 per square metre is:

Question 7:

If $a^{2}+b^{2}+c^{2}=(a b+b c+c a)$ then find the value of $\frac{11 a^{2} b-3 a b^{2}}{2 a b c}$.

Question 8:

In $\triangle \mathrm{PQR}, \angle \mathrm{Q}=85^{\circ}$ and $\angle \mathrm{R}=65^{\circ}$. Points $S$ and $T$ are on the sides $P Q$ and $P R$, respectively such that $\angle \mathrm{STR}=95^{\circ}$, and the ratio of the QR and ST is $9: 5$. If PQ $=21.6 \mathrm{~cm}$, then the length of PT is.

Question 9:

Rs. 3660 is divided, among $\mathrm{A}, \mathrm{B}, \mathrm{C}$ and $\mathrm{D}$ such that B's share is $\frac{5}{9}$ th of A's; C's share is $\frac{7}{10}$ th of B's and $\mathrm{D}$ has $\frac{1}{3}$ as much as $\mathrm{B}$ and C together. Find the difference between A's and B's share(in Rs.)

Question 10:

If the volume of a Hemisphere is equal to that of a cylinder having the same radius, then find the ratio of the radius to the height of the cylinder.