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Question 1:

Who started the resolution week?

Question 2:

Who has been elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of PTI?

Question 3:

Which medal has India won in men's squash at the 2023 Asian Games?

Question 4:

Who has recently been appointed the President of ASCI?

Question 5:

Which medal did Murali Sreeshankar win in men's long jump at the Hangzhou Asian Games?

Question 6:

When was the Winter Action Scheme unveiled by the Chief Minister of Delhi?

Question 7:

Which medal did Indian tennis pair Bopanna and Bhosale win in mixed doubles at the 2023 Asian Games?

Question 8:

Dr. Mohammad Muizzu has won the presidential election of which country?

Question 9:

Which number's foundation day did the Military Nursing Service celebrate recently?

Question 10:

Which birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi will India celebrate with reverence and memorial programs in the year 2023?