NTPC CBT-2 Physics Quiz - 19

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Question 1:

The difference between the true value and the measured value of a quantity is known as

Question 2:

If the length of a simple pendulum is halved then its period of oscillation is -

Question 3:

An image is formed on the retina with light rays converging most at the cornea and upon entering and exiting the lens. The image formed on the retina is-

Question 4:

Parsec is the unit of which of the following?

Question 5:

On which of the following does the jet engine works?

Question 6:

Basic units or fundamental units are used for measurement of basic or fundamental quantities. How many fundamental units are there?

Question 7:

Dew does not form in a strong windy night because-

Question 8:

Which of the following is the S.I. unit of universal gravitational constant ?

Question 9:

The earth and the moon are attracted to each other by gravitational force. The earth attracts the moon with a force that is:

Question 10:

Which of the following elements is used in circuit to block the directional current (DC) ?