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Question 1:

The initiators of 'Harijan' were-

Question 2:

In which one of the following biosphere reserves does the climate vary from Temperate to Arctic?

Question 3:

In which one of the following categories of protected areas in India are local people not allowed to own private land?

Question 4:

In the Mughal period painting was organized as an Imperial establishment or Karkhana during the region of:

Question 5:

“Sirmour Nati” is a folk dance of which state ?

Question 6:

The Nataraja idols found in India:

  1. Ellora
  2. Badami
  3. Kanchipuram

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

Question 7:

Jainism rejected the following elements of the Brahmin religion:

  1. Because of the anti-brahmin attitude, the Jaina religion rejected the concept of soul.
  2. The concept of heaven was also rejected in Jainism.
  3. Animal sacrifice was rejected.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

Question 8:

The Economic Survey of 2020-21 is dedicated to which of the following-

Question 9:

What is the target for service sector exports from India in 2021-22?

Question 10:

What does P stand for in PSLV rockets ?

Question 11:

Who is Dan Tehan who visited India in the month of February 2022  ?

Question 12:

Who among the following was conferred with the “Master Inventor Award 2021” in the month of January 2022?

Question 13:

Recently the famous player Yashpal Sharma passed away, he was related to which sport?

Question 14:

How much cash reward is given to those who take road accident victims to the hospital within an hour of serious injury?

Question 15:

Which country has recently been excluded from the 'Farzad B gas project' by Iran?

Question 16:

With which country India signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Tourism cooperation in the month of February 2022?

Question 17:

Which country has set up the world's largest plant 'Orca plant' to absorb carbon dioxide from the air?

Question 18:

According to the announcement of the central government the world's longest Highway is being constructed in India?

Question 19:

Where is the headquarters of Securities Printing and Currency Manufacturing Corporation Limited(SPMCIL)?

Question 20:

Who became the winning team of Indian Super League 2020-21?

Question 21:

Who will be the Sherpa of India at the G-20 Summit 2021 to be held in Italy?

Question 22:

In the month of January 2022, the Indian government decided to add which day to the Republic Day celebrations?

Question 23:

Where is the Government of India setting up two new ‘Drug Testing Laboratories’?

Question 24:

Who was recently elected as the President of Asian Cricket Council ?

Question 25:

The  assets that a borrower pledges in order to guarantee repayment of a loan is called--- ?

Question 26:

Which Five year Plan aimed to establish a “socialistic pattern of society in India” ?

Question 27:

Who has been appointed as the Chairman of the NDDB?

Question 28:

National Bank for Agriculture and rural development is a:

Question 29:

The percentage by which the money the borrower pays back exceeds the money that was borrowed is called as ?

Question 30:

Which of the following is not true in regards to Goods and Service Tax (GST)?

Question 31:

According to the 2011 census, which of the following state /union territory has the highest urbanisation in India?

Question 32:

Which of the following is most likely to be inflationary under its influence ?

Question 33:

Which of the following is not a storage medium?

Question 34:

Errors in a computer program are referred to as _______?

Question 35:

In order to tell Excel that we are entering a formula in cell, we must begin with an operator such as

Question 36:

Which Of the following prefix sequences is in smallest-to-largest order?

Question 37:

Oracle is a type of -

Question 38:

Which constitutional post in India has not been held by any woman?

Question 39:

What does the 103rd Constitutional Amendment Act, 2019 related to?

Question 40:

What is the minimum number of proposers required to become a presidential candidate?

Question 41:

How can Supreme Court judges be removed?

Question 42:

What is ‘Zero Hour’?

Question 43:

Which of the following is the source of income of Gram Panchayats?
1. Voluntary donation or gift
2.Grants given by the State Government
3.Tax on Agricultural Income

Question 44:

Which of the following was added to the Directive Principles of State Policy by the 42nd Constitutional Amendment, 1976?

Question 45:

To whom has the President of India addressed his resignation letter?

Question 46:

Which of the following administer the oath of the Chief Minister?

Question 47:

For how long, a joint sitting of both the houses of Parliament may be convened to consider an ordinary bill which was passed by one house and pending in another house?

Question 48:

“Agriculture” comes under which of the following list of the constitution?

Question 49:

Which of the following is a Financial Committee of the Indian Parliament?

Question 50:

How many union territories are there in India?

Question 51:

By which constitutional amendment Delhi was given special status?

Question 52:

Panchayati Raj is kept in which schedule of the constitution?

Question 53:

Which one of the following is presided over by a person who is not its member?

Question 54:

The 'Nilgiri Tahr' is naturally found in which one of the following areas of India?

Question 55:

Which of the following are detritivores?
1. Earthworms
2. Jellyfish
3. Millipedes
4. Seahorses
5. Woodlice
Select the correct answer using the code given below.

Question 56:

Which of the following acts regulates a national park or a wildlife sanctuary?

Question 57:

The resistance of a conductor depends up on its- 

Question 58:

The energy that it possesses due to its motion is called kinetic energy, what does the kinetic energy (KE) of a moving body depend upon?

Question 59:

Which of the following is the S.I. unit of acceleration?

Question 60:

Which of the following are good conductors of electricity?

Question 61:

When we try to move an object at rest which type of friction comes into play?

Question 62:

Which of the following is used in medicines to remove acidity of stomach ?

Question 63:

Which gas is used in making of vanaspati ghee from vegetable oils?

Question 64:

Among which of the following gases can be used for preventing the oily food items from oxidation?

  1. Oxygen gas
  2. Nitrogen 
  3. Helium
  4. Carbon dioxide

Question 65:

Which of the following is the example of triatomic molecule of an element ?

  1. Ozone
  2. Phosphorous
  3. Sulphur
  4. Helium
  5. Xenon

Question 66:

A metal is used for making automobile batteries is-

Question 67:

NaCl is a ionic compound because 

Question 68:

When calcium metal reacts with sulphuric acid , the reaction stops after a short while . Why ?

Question 69:

Which of the following seed is dicotyledons?

Question 70:

Which one of the following is the structure of a cardiac muscle cell?

Question 71:

Which of the following part of alimentary canal is not significant in digestive activity?

Question 72:

Japanese encephalitis is spread by -

Question 73:

Which off the following institution prepares ‘Red Data Book’?

Question 74:

Insects have how many pairs of legs?

Question 75:

The name of the political organization which was established in India in 1838 was-

Question 76:

Who was the first President of the British Indian Association?

Question 77:

In which year Surendranath Banerjee was removed from the Indian Civil Services?

Question 78:

Who was the first Indian to protest against political reforms?

Question 79:

Match List-1 with List-2 and select the correct answer from the codes given below-

Question 80:

Who founded the Asiatic Society of Bengal in Calcutta in 1784?

Question 81:

Which Indian personality has been appointed as the Under-secretary- General and Associate Administrator of the UNDP?

Question 82:

Which year is declared as the “International year of Millets” by UNGA?

Question 83:

Who was made the 30th member of NATO?

Question 84:

Which of the following is the financial accounting unit of the IMF(International Monetary Fund)?

Question 85:

UNITAR Stands for?

Question 86:

Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct regarding humus?
Statement-1: It is part of rotten living beings.
Statement-2: It is the main factor in the structure of soil.
Statement-3: World Soil Day is celebrated every year on 5th December
Select the correct answer using the code given below.

Question 87:

Who among the following is related to the concept of bio development?

Question 88:

Which of the following countries is famous for finger-like lakes?

Question 89:

Which of the following types of industry is the steel industry?

Question 90:

What is the state of the earth called, when the earth is at the shortest distance from the sun?

Question 91:

Which of the following is not affected by the amount of damage caused by an earthquake?

Question 92:

What is the reason for the red color of the red soil?

Question 93:

Which of the following rivers flows through a rift valley?

Question 94:

Which of the following is the example of 'Residual Mountain'?

Question 95:

Where is the Kudankulam Nuclear Project located?

Question 96:

Which of the following is the largest linguistic group of India?

Question 97:

Where is the Bhil caste found?

Question 98:

In which state is the Guru Shikhar Peak located?

Question 99:

Which one of the following statements is not correct?

Question 100:

The eastern Dhauliganga is the tributary of--- ?

Question 101:

If it is 10 AM as per Indian Standard Time, then what will be the local time of Shillong at  92°9'  East longitude?

Question 102:

Who has been given the status of oriental language in the year 2014?

Question 103:

Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

Question 104:

Which Indian state shares its borders with three countries namely Nepal, Bhutan and China?

Question 105:

Where are Shevaroy Hills located?

Question 106:

In which district of Uttarakhand is the Lipulekh pass located?

Question 107:

On which  of the following National Highways, Badrinath temple of Uttrakhand  is located ?

Question 108:

Which of the following tribe does not belong to Uttarakhand?

Question 109:

According to the year 2011, which is the district with the highest sex ratio in Uttarakhand?

Question 110:

From which place in Uttarakhand has the Ashoka period inscription been found?

Question 111:

Where is the Uttarakhand High Court located?

Question 112:

How many districts of Uttarakhand share borders with China?

Question 113:

Tehri Dam is situated on which river of Uttarakhand?

Question 114:

What is the average population density of Uttarakhand according to the 2011 census?

Question 115:

How many Rajya Sabha seats are there in Uttarakhand?

Question 116:

Which of the following is the 'World Heritage Site' of Uttarakhand?

Question 117:

Which one of the folk dances of the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand is performed when a married girl comes to her maternal home for the first time?

Question 118:

Which of the following pass is not located in Uttarakhand?

Question 119:

Which of the following National Highway does not pass through Uttarakhand?

Question 120:

Which of the following musical instruments is prevalent in Uttarakhand?

Question 121:

Which of the following institutes is located in Uttarakhand?

Question 122:

Which of the following dialects is not spoken in Kumaon, Uttarakhand?

Question 123:

Which of the following cultural institutions is not located in Uttarakhand?

Question 124:

Which of the following folk paintings is a folk painting of Uttarakhand?

Question 125:

Who was the first woman governor of Uttarakhand?

Question 126:

How many Lok Sabha seats are there in Uttarakhand?

Question 127:

Consider the following points of Individual Satyagraha:

1 By rejecting the 1st August offer, the Congress started Individual Satyagraha under the leadership of Gandhiji.

2 Individual Satyagraha was started on 17 October 1940

3 Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Satyagrahi

4 The word Sarvodaya was first used by Vinobabhave

Which of the above statement is correct ?

Question 128:

Who among the following founded the Congress Khilafat Swaraj Party?

Question 129:

Which of the following were included in the Wavell plan?

Question 130:

Hunter Committee is related to which of the following?

Question 131:

Which of the following statement is correct?

1. Azad Hind Fauj was formed by Subhash Chandra Bose.

2. Azad Hind Fauj was established in Singapore.

Choose the correct code given below:

Question 132:

Who was the last Mauryan emperor?

Question 133:

Which of the following book, was composed by Bhakti saint Surdas?

Question 134:

From the 3rd century AD, when the Roman Empire came to an end with the invasion of the Huns, Indian merchants became more and more dependent on which of the following trade?

Question 135:

What was the name of Chinese pilgrim who visited India in 6th century?

Question 136:

Who among the following was not associated with the court of Kanishka?

Question 137:

Which deity was worshiped by the people of Harappan civilization?

Question 138:

Coin of which of the following Muslim rulers, bears an image of Devi Lakshmi?

Question 139:

To whom did Muhammad Ghori granted the first Iqta in India?

Question 140:

Who was the founder of the Slave dynasty?

Question 141:

Which Mughal emperor shifted the capital from Agra to Delhi?

Question 142:

Which of the following is related to Blue Water Policy?

Question 143:

Jallianwala Bagh massacre took place in the year--

Question 144:

Who became the first Viceroy of Portuguese colony in India?

Question 145:

Who among the following enforced the Vernacular Press Act?

Question 146:

In which of the following places did the French set up their first factory in India?

Question 147:

The following European powers entered Indian trade from time to time -

1. Englishman

2. Dutch

3. French

4. Portuguese

Determine the correct chronology of their arrival from the codes given below:

Question 148:

Who among the following was the founder president of "Gadar Party"?

Question 149:

Who was associated with the establishment of Deccan Educational Society?

Question 150:

Which of the following was the first newspaper published in India?