CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ (Based On 22nd-Feb News)

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Question 1:

America President Joe Biden has imposed a sanction on a particular region in the month of February 2022 after Russia announced that it will support its Independence . What is the name of the region?

Question 2:

What was the name of the yacht on which the President reviewed the “Indian Navy's 12th Presidential fleet review at Visakhapatnam held on 21 February 2022.?

Question 3:

The Indian Institute of Technology was set up in India on the recommendation of which committee ?

Question 4:

Which was the first Indian Institute Technology to be set up in India ?

Question 5:

Where were the 34th Federation Cup volleyball championships held ?

Question 6:

R. Praggnanandhaa belongs to which sports ?

Question 7:

Which country has reopened its borders for international travelers after 2 years?

Question 8:

Who won the men's title at the 34th Federation Cup volleyball championships?

Question 9:

Where is the headquarters of the Eastern Naval Command ?

Question 10:

Where was the Presidential fleet review 2022 of the Indian Navy held ?

Question 11:

Who is the President of Ukraine ?

Question 12:

What is the currency of Ukraine ?

Question 13:

Where is the headquarters of Coal India Limited ?

Question 14:

Asian Development Bank will provide how much loan to the IIFL Home Finance Limited (IIFL) to improve financial access to affordable green housing for lower-income women borrowers ?

Question 15:

Which is the second largest country in Europe, area wise ?

Question 16:

In which of the following country's first mobile biosafety lab level 3 been inaugurated in the month of February?

Question 17:

What is the capital of Ukraine ?

Question 18:

What is the theme of the “International Mother Language Day” 2022?

Question 19:

The first foreign campus of the Indian Institute of Technology will be set up in which country ?

Question 20:

Noted Gandhian Shakuntala Choudhary who passed away recently belonged to which state ?