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Question 1:

Showing the man receiving the prize, Seema said, ‘He is the brother of my uncle’s daughter. What is the man to Seema?

Question 2:

Manish Said “This girl is the wife of the grandson of my mother then How Manish is related to that girl?

Question 3:

Pointing to a man in a photograph Tarun said, “ He is the only brother of My sister’s grandfather’s daughter’s Sister. How is the Tarun related to the man?

Question 4:

Pointing to a man in a photograph Rohit said, “ He is the brother of grandson’s wife of my father’s brother’s mother." How is the man related to Rohit?

Question 5:

A is B’s daughter. B is C’s mother. D is C’s brother. How is D related to A?

Question 6:

A is D’s brother. D is B’s father. B and C are sisters. How is A related to C ?

Question 7:

Akash said to a lady sitting in a car, "She is the mother of the daughter of my Son”." How is Akash’s wife related to that lady?

Question 8:

Pointing to a photograph; Ravina said, “He is the only son of my nephew’s father’s mother.” If Ravina is unmarried girl, how is Ravina related to the man in the photograph?

Question 9:

Pointing to a picture; Rohit said, “This is the picture of the only daughter of the mother of the grandson of my maternal uncle’s father.” How is Rohit related to the woman in the picture?

Question 10:

Rohit has a brother named Prem. Rohit is son of Mohan. Kripal has two sons and a daughter, Mohan is one of them. How is Prem related to Kripal?